“A worthy experience, an opportunity to reconnect with yourself in these frenetic times.”

As my first approach to mindfulness, this course was inspiring. Katharina provided us with useful tools to learn to focus on the present, listening to our body and our mind.
Tiziana A.

“Her mindfulness journey strongly invigorated a particularly vulnerable side of myself."

I'd like to thank Katharina for giving me the opportunity to focus on myself. I'll keep Katharina's teaching and I hope all the best for her career.
Alessandro S.

“I was enabled to find inner strength for my challenges ahead.”

"Katharina guided us, in an excellent way, on our journey to mindfulness, facilitating us with all the helping tools. Through her course I was enabled to connect with my body, to be balanced throughout the day and to find inner strength for my challenges ahead."
Fabian A.